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Join us the night of December 2nd for speakers, food and, singer/songwriter Jon Chandler!



Storage is critical is in Colorado. What will future storage projects look like, what have we learned from past projects like NISP, and where does Ag fit into future storage. 


Colorado River Compact

Every basin in Colorado uses water from the Colorado River. As the state begins to put together it's plan for Demand Management, how will this impact Ag?


Water Quality

What are the agricultural community's concerns about water quality? What have been irrigators been doing for decades to improve water quality and what opportunities are in the future?


Healthy Rivers

Irrigated ag makes up a significant portion of riparian areas around the state. What is Ag's role in talking about stream and watershed planning?


Implementing ATMS

Colorado's Water Plan puts an emphasis on Alternative Transfer Methods as a means to overcoming the future water gap. What can we learn from successful ATM projects and how they can advance the goals of the ag community?

Speakers Include

Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture Kate Greenberg

Justice Gregory Hobbes, Former Justice of the Colorado Supreme Court

Kevin Rein, State Engineer, Department of Water Resources

Jim Lockhead, Denver Water CEO/Manager

James Ecklund, Colorado Interstate Representative on the Colorado River

Russ George, Director of the Interbasin Compact Committee

Dan Gibbs, Executive Director of Colorado Department of Natural Resources

Kate Greenberg, Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture (invited)

Kathleen Curry, Former State Representative and Gunnison County Rancher

Steve Anderson, CWCB Board, Manager of the Uncompahgre Valley Water Users Association

Joe Frank, General Manager of Lower South Platte Water Conservancy District

Mark Harris, Grand Valley Water Users Association

Dale Trowbridge, New Cache La Poudre Irrigating Company

Callie Hendrickson, Executive Director,

White River & Douglas Creek Conservation Districts

Travis Smith , Western Water Conservation Coordinator, National Wild Turkey Federation

Gretchen Rank, Executive Director, Mancos Conservation District

Greg Dewey, Northern Water, Water Resources Engineer

Grady O'Brien, NEIRBO Hydrogeology

Phil Brink Ag Water NetWORK

Alex Funk, Colorado Water Conservation Board

A panel of local farmers on water quality and agriculture!

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