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Ag Water NetWORK Webinars

The Ag Water NetWORK, a grant-funded initiative created by Colorado Cattlemen's and Partners for Western Conservation, has been working to help keep ag water connected to ag land. The Ag Water NetWORK has been hosting a series of webinars providing information about ag water issues.

The first webinar highlights two successful ag water leases in Colorado: Fort Morgan Reservoir and Irrigation Company water lease to Xcel Energy and the Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservation District Catlin Canal Lease-Fallow to Fountain, Fowler & Security Water Districts.

Watch the webinar here!

You can read the highlights.

The Second Webinar, titled “Irrigation Efficiency and Consumptive Use: Facts and Myths” covered basic aspects of ag water rights, as well as how irrigation methods can influence the historic consumptive use of a water right.

You can read more about the At Water NetWORK at

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